Friday, February 03, 2017

Super Real warehouse find

In sorting out my inventory recently I found some old odds and ends that folks might find desirable...

Mainly a bunch of stock on Super Real preview books (and my last stash of copies of the graphic novel):

Super Real SDCC 2003 preview flip book
The very first Super Real book ever available. One side (with the Holly Hood cover) contains 13 pages of an early version of the first issue, the other side (Michael Dasquea cover) has character bios and early promotional art.
BACK cover
FRONT cover
24 pages / B&W (about 200-300 copies?) / ash-can - $10ea

Super Real Las Vegas preview book (2003)
Very rare. Includes 5 page preview from issue 4 (the VS The Comic Book Industry Special) with early versions of that artwork, and also new character bios.

8 pages / B&W (50 copies) / ash-can - $10ea

Super Real Portland preview book (2004)
Very rare. Includes 10 pages of early versions of different issue 1 pages and 2 pages of new bios.

12 pages / B&W (50 copies) / ash-can - $10ea (blank cover), $20ea (with head sketch on cover)

Super Real SDCC 2004 preview book
Previews more closer to finished versions of 19 pages from the first issue (some in just pencil), along with new character bios.

24 pages / B&W (300 copies?) - $10ea

Super Real Larry's Comics preview (2004)
Exclusive to Larry's Comics in Lowel MA. Previews 17 pages (mostly final, but one scene different) from issue 1, along with some extras.

24 pages / B&W (1000 copies - but my stock is very limited) - $20ea

Super Real SDCC 2006 preview flip book 
Side A previews issue 3, and side B previews issue 4 (VS The Comic Book Industry) with art by The Boo, and Edward Pun.
FRONT cover
BACK cover
20 pages / B&W (300 copies?) - $10ea

Super Real graphic novel (collected edition - with misprint)
6 by 9 inch trade paperback collection of the entire 7 issue series (one complete story), that's long been sold out. These are like new copies that have a misprint (page 5 is missing and has a duplicate of page 8 in its place, and so pages 5-9 are jumbled).

254 pages / Full Color (about 500 copies? - very few of these misprints in stock/exist) - $20ea

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