Monday, November 21, 2022

PRINCE-S STARthief 3 is almost here!

PRINCE-S STARthief issue 3 is currently at the printers and should be shipping to us soon!

We're currently working through the proofing of the 42 covers of issue 3, as well as the issue 1 holofoils, Swiss Army Woman issue 1 new editions, and the Swiss Army Woman 2 preview books that every Kickstarter backer will be getting! It's a lot of stuff!

Please hang in there a bit longer while we work out an estimated delivery schedule (to me, and then to you). Once we have that, we can set our December launch date for the next Kickstarter - Swiss Army woman issue 1-2! When you get your books you can take a look at the cool stuff coming your way there!!

If you missed the STARthief 3 Kickstarter (or want to add to your order) you can VISIT THE PULP GIRLS STORE

We still have most covers from issue 3 Kickstarter available, as well as limited stock of issue 2 and the new regular edition issue 1. Grab them while you can!

Talks soon - Jason!

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