Tuesday, July 26, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: SDCC from me to you 4

Well the big piece of comic book heaven that is San Diego Comic-Con is getting to be a sweet sweet memory, as we're now more than a week removed, but I've still got some con goodies to share!

You've gotta say that with some pizzaz, SHARKNIFE, with some oomf, the title demands it, especially once you've read it.
Now Sharknife is not a new offering, it came out a few months back, but somehow my store missed my copy, and my reorder. This, on perhaps my most anticipated book of the year no less. If they weren't so good to me I'd skip shop...
but back to Sharknife!

I went ahead and scored my copy from Oni early one AM before the hall opened. I'd wanted to get a copy when the creator Corey Lewis was around, but in the madness that is exhibiting, I didn't want to take a chance that'd I'd miss picking one up altogether...

The first thing that grabs you about the book, is the incredible character design of it's titular character. Sharknife is the essence of cool, all pointy and aquatic, with seamless super hero design and punk rock elements all blended with an Eastern flair. He's way cool to look at

See what I mean?
And just like Popeye needed his spinach to get off, er ya know, bulk up, Sharknife needs a fortune cookie to transform from busboy Ceaser Halleluja to the Guangadong Factory's mystical protector! You see the Guangadong Factory is a giant restaurant that specializes in peach dumplings, but also is plagued with horrible creatures that spring from it's walls. That's a taste of the crazy-mad ideas at play here.

Corey's layouts and artwork are as wild and imaginative as the story, the book sings along as Sharknife defends the restaurant from one escalating attack to the next. My only complaint is that I wish the book were a bit bigger, or in color. I think Corey's (or the Reyyy as he's sometimes known) artwork would look just that much better. But I understand ONI's going for a manga thing here with the b&w paperback format. Maybe they just need a better binding so the pages don't overlap so much at the center...

But enough quibbling, if you're still reading, why haven't you clicked over to his site yet and checked out the book further?! Go on over HERE and have a look, NOW! Sharknife should be on everyone's must read list, it's too much fun, and has a broad appeal. I look forward to more, I'll just make sure my shop doesn't screw up next time!

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