Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blogger bug

I started my blog, TSL, back in April 05. At the time, I had full functionality and no complaints about Blogger, but some months later my image upload functionality disappeared. No notes about it in Bloggers "known issues", no talk about it on help boards, and no response from Blogger in regards to my issue. So for months now, I've been without FTP ability directly from the blog sw, which is quite a deterrent to posting images (easily), I could still go in to my FTP site and upload things manually, but that's a time consuming drag for something like posting on a blog, where the key is ease of functionality.

Well, I finally got around to poking around Blogger today for any update on the issue, and sure enough it was a known bug. Turns out in some cases, for whatever reason, you must fill out the username and password field in Settings / Publishing tab in order for the image icon/tool to work. So sure enough, my fields were blank (as I had it set up to manually log into FTP), and once the fields were populated...
Image icon has returned, as seen here

Turns out they've even added some more formatting functionality!!


Crazz said...

Jason, I didn't realize that you also had a blog of your own. It's really cool to read the background of what you've been going through in producing this book. Keep it up, I'm going to add your blog to the Comic Book Observatory and check in frequently! And thanks for giving me a link also, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Jason Martin said...

No problemo.
Your blog looked interesting, and I've been keeping tabs on it.
If nothing else, I use the links here for my personal dashboard...

Glad you like the blog.
I've got another installment of the new "in depth" notes section I'll be putting up shortly!

Please leave comments if you like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your comments on Blogger picture icon. Like you I didn't want to leave my ftp connection info in the settings - but never thought for a moment that it was why the picture icon was not appearing.

Thank you, you saved my sanity.

Jason Martin said...

glad to help!