Friday, January 20, 2006

Comic Thoughts

Well, It's decided, after reading so much about a couple books, I must seek them out (or more likely, pick them up next time I see them) - The books in question?
Elk's Run
Dragon Head

Elk's Run is an indy comic with heaps of praise, that I'd never heard a lick about story-wise. After coming across a brief review, the story sounds interesting, and that with the accolades has me sold on a closer look... Now to just find it. Look, I'm not burning for it enough to go online and pay cash, so I'll grab it at a shop, or most likely at one of the bigger upcoming cons (WonderCon perhaps?)

Dragon Head is a manga from TPop that sounds right up my alley (or anyone who enjoys TV's LOST, or comic's WALKING DEAD, ie survival drama/horror). Thing is, I love manga, but you know, the bulk of the shoujo, shonen, sh-somethin-er-other stuff that's rolled out there is not for me (it's for those teenage/pre-teen girls and boys at the bookshops). What I've read of Dragon's premise though, and the rave reviews, has me all up in this one though...
Go HERE for one of the reviews on it.


xoshua said...

what does it say about me if i like shojo (erica sakurazawa is awesome!)


Jason Martin said...

But you like Nick-toons and Power Ranges, so shojo's not a stretch...
sides, notin wrong with likin the shojo
I'm sure I could find some readable one's if I was inclined.

Please explain: "erica sakurazawa is awesome!"

Jason Martin said...

"But you like Nick-toons and Power Ranges, so shojo's not a stretch..."
whoops, sometimes I forget my smiley's an what not... 8)
(as well as random letters apperentl)

xoshua said...

she's done some manga tokyopop has released in the US.

Fialkov said...

Hey Man,
I will be at Wondercon, in theory, I'll even have a stack of Elk's Run comics with me. I'll be doing a signing at the Boom Studios booth, some come on by and find me.

Thanks for the plug. ;)

Jason Martin said...

Josh (Fialkov),

Hey cool!
Hope you're there, I'll come check out the book for sure.

Take care.