Friday, January 27, 2006

COMICS REVIEW: 1/25 books part 1

Damn! This book is good! It's really freakin' good. Great characters, great setup, great writing, great art. Action, humor, intrigue. It's comics done great. Can't wait for more!
I freakin' love this book! It's Warren Ellis at the top of his game, circa the late 90's when he took over Stormwatch and made it Authority. It's great!!
A couple minor gripes... 1) as much as I love Stuart Immonen's art, and as talented as he is, I wish he'd change up his faces a bit more. And I'll never understand any artist's penchant to draw man-faced women. Just don't get that. Sure, some women have strong features (big nose, heavy chin, etc.) but when an artist paints them all that way (Adam Hughes, etc) I get irked... I don't get it. 2) Machine Man. Machine Man was a fave of mine from back in the day, I just always wished he was a bit more "robot-like", and here they take him the other way, and make him appear completely human.
Like I said, minor stuff.
Most of all, this book rocks!

This is the other Warren Ellis number one issue out this week, and it's quite a bit different than his Marvel book, naturally. Black Gas is his take on zombies, but after reading this and seeing the remake of THE FOG within 24 hours. I can tell you it's a lot more similar to that film, than outright zombies. So, Black Gas treads familiar territory, shares plot points with THE FOG, and relies on some silly plot devices to execute the story, but I still liked it. Ellis gets you caught up in the characters, and puts you on their survival horror path. A path I almost always enjoy. I'm down for more, but not blown away (no pun on the earlier referenced, but not revealed, plot device intended).

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