Friday, January 26, 2007

IN CASE U MISSED IT: comics go manga

Not one, but two established mainstream comic properties have press releases within 24 hours featuring manga versions of their characters...


Top Cow's been trumpeting their anime and manga adaptations of the Witchblade for some time, and I'm eager to check both out (particularly the anime).
The manga differs from the anime, but is written by the anime's head writer.

Top cow have decided on a two prong release, first an "Americanized" monthly, flipped, colorized version, then later, an original Japanese format traditional manga collection (from Bandai, their manga partner).

If you've visited the manga section of bookchains lately, you might have noticed other Top Cow/Bandai products, collected manga formats of Tomb Raider and Witchblade, mixed in with the standard manga offerings.

For more on the color version of the Witchblad Manga, check out this article from CBR



I've no idea what Spider-Man J is, aside from being a Japanese version of the character, there's no indication when it was created, or how it differs. Looking at the samples, it looks to be fun, detailed, and stylish. But there's also no indication how many pages it makes up in the Spider-Man anthology it's offered in, or whether Marvel has any plans or intentions of producing the manga further beyond this offering.

Since the rest of the Spider-Man Family issue is stuff I'm not too keen on, I'll try and check it out in the shops.

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