Saturday, January 27, 2007

IN CASE U MISSED IT: ride the Rocket

Out on newsstands now is the debut issue of the new "cool media" magazine ROCKET, from the people who bring you PLAY MAGAZINE.

Play, for those who aren't into video games, or haven't seen it, is a really cool magazine that covers not only video games (of all platforms), but also has sizeable coverage of anime, along with brief sections on manga, comics, and DVDs. Unlike other video game mags, Play really goes all out with visuals, filling the issues with oversized page photos of nearly everything that's covered. They also offer covers by folks associated with the comics industry. With a cool mix like this, it seems natural that they've started this new bi-monthly magazine, Rocket, using the same format: oversized, heavy paperstock, and bursting with large pics, but instead focusing on all things cool in media. From movies, to anime, manga, comics, and so much more.

The first issue offers sizeable coverage of comic culture films like Frank Miller's 300, Hellboy Animated, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ghost Rider. There's also a section on the best 25 sci-fi movies of all time, scores of anime reviews and previews, and much much more. Anything related to genre/cutting edge media. Filled with coverage of items even the most active seekers of the next crazy thing (junkies), like myself, may otherwise have missed. Or at the very least, everything in movies, animation, comics, and the like that you're looking forward to, previewed and reviewed. It's awesome!

The website is still kind of beta, but it does have a decent walk through of the mag, and you can also go tool around the Play website for a more in depth feel of things.

Here are the links:

Give Rocket a look, with a subscription at $15 for 6 issues available online (and the one they offered in Play was even cheaper), that's a pretty good deal to have the best in pop culture media delivered to your door!

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