Friday, February 02, 2007


Time for the COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK (My weekly rundown of the books I brought home from the shop the week prior, where I pick my favorite from the stack, and then invite everyone to join in and post their favorites in the comments!)

It was a light week in which I didn't read much...

NEW X-MEN #33 & 34 - These weren't new last week, but I'd stopped following this relaunch after the first couple issues... I'd been hearing some buzz, noticed that Paco Medina was back on art, and have enjoyed Kyle and Yost's current X-23, so it seemed like a good time to hop back on. These are the first 2 issues of a 4 part story, and the art was strong, and story decent... I'll check out the next 2 and go from there.
OUTER ORBIT #2 - This one continues where the first left off for me, with such strong/stylish artwork and sci-fi themes, I should be loving this, but the story and characters are just pretty pedestrian...
LOW ORBIT #1 - LO is an Image anthology psuedo-GN, you know, bigger than a single, smaller than a trade $6.99-type thing? It's a decent format, and I really like most of the artists here, but... there are problems. As much as I like some of these artists, and want to give their comics a shot (LO is a collective of DeviantArt community artists and friends, who all have striking, acccomplished styles), the majority of stuff here is difficult. The art is confusing or too dense in most cases, and the stories are mostly too short. More than a couple of the 7 stories offered, run too short on pages, and barely get a concept, let alone characters introduced (or moreso, so many concepts and characters for the page count, that you wind up lost). So, more than a couple had me scratching my head as to what and who was happening on any given page. And then, the stories that really need more space, cut short to give us several pages of character designs?!?
I'd like to see these people do more, but to learn from this outing, and expand on their ideas, and make things a bit more digestible, because they make some reallllyy nice art.
The one stand out has to be Jonboy Meyers' RIOT GRRRL, as it's one of the stories that works in the condensed page count, and also builds toward something more. Plus his art is very reminicent of Joe Madureira, and the storytelling is fairly clean.
AVENGERS NEXT #5 - In case, like me, you've missed a lot of the Marvel Next books, Avengers Next is really a fun throwback to Marvel comics gone by, in a fun future setting, with scores of next generation characters. I really enjoyed this sereis, and will look to seek out some of what's come before, and certainly after.

Okay, first let me qualify this, it was a light week, and there was some decent stuff, but not much that stood out, so I went with Drain #2.

I picked Drain mostly because of the sexy painted artwork. Give me two gorgeous vampires dueling with swords, coated in some rich painted tones, and well, I'll like it. Also, this issue was an improvement over the first. Honestly, after seeing samples of this series and reading about it for so long, I was quite dissapointed when the first issue finally came out. This issue seemed to find it's groove though, and my finger's no longer hovering on the eject buttton...

How about you, what's your pick this week???

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