Thursday, February 08, 2007


I think I've mentioned's ALL THE RAGE column here before, it's the long running comics gossip column (original home to industry gossip icon Rich Johnston). Since I've followed it over the last couple years, it's changed hands a number of times. Recently a new columnist stepped in, Steven Saunders, and he's brought along with him a more robust format. Instead of just relying on advance info and straight gossip, Steven has broadened the scope to look at all of the comics landscape, featuring independent comics, webcomics, and UK comics, to name a few, on a regular basis.

Look, there is so much good stuff out there besides the cool books from the big publishers, that it's challenging to find and keep a pulse on all of it, when the majority of what's covered everywhere (print/web/whatever) is from the bigger guys. So I can certainly dig on someone who's of the same mind as me, exploring everything comics have to offer, searching for the good stuff others miss, and then trying to share it with the rest of us!!

Give the column a try, it posts every monday, and besides the usual "guess what I heard" on all things comics, there are tons of links to books and projects worth checking out further. I know I've already discovered serveral things in the few weeks Steven's been onboard!

ALL THE RAGE can be found HERE

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