Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Okay, regardless of all signs pointing to a letdown of a comic book movie, I still wanted to check out Ghost Rider, so I took in a matinee yesterday, and well...
it was okay, I guess.

I really wasn't too moved in one direction or another...
Love it? Hate it?
Just kind of indifferent about it?
I thought it was really by the numbers, nothing special in the story, acting, or directing. In fact, whereas with the Daredevil movie, I thought Mark Steven Johnson's directing and film were great fun, and played well (contrary to popular belief, I know), but here I'd have to say the directing was the biggest flaw. The principal actors are all talented folks, so the fact that they came off poorly, or just plain boring (much like the story), was on the director.

The only thing that stood out for me were the special effects. I thought Ghost Rider himself was handled well, the flame effects of the bike, and the flaming chain action, were well realized and made the character believable whenever he was on the screen. He just wasn't given too much to do, outside the police chase skyscraper scene, he mostly just gave a "penance stare" where they overindulged on pointless effects which were essentially some screen fades with flame effects... wow! Give me more of that action hero staring at people please! You'd think if they were going to build the character around this trademark ability, they'd actually make it, you know, cool? Give me some quick results, some bursting skulls!! But no, it was just okay, like most everything else...

So, I wouldn't recommend anyone rush to the theaters and check it out, but it's worth a watch on DVD, because the penance stare will look just fine on a smaller screen thanks.

Let's hope if there is a sequel, it'll have a different director, and a much better script.

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