Monday, February 26, 2007


SUPER REAL SPECIAL #1 in shops 3/7/07

It may be one week late, but things look to have fallen in place for the next issue of Super Real, the first ever special, to hit comic shops Wednesday March 7th.

I worked really hard to get this one out on time folks (or even early), it was solicited for February, but another set of last minute cover promotions, and some bad breaks at the printer have the book due out the first week of March instead. I'm just excited to get this bad boy out! As I've mentioned time and again, I had a kick playing with all the toys of the concept for the first time, as well as sharing the full throttle genetically enhanced combat scripts with some phenomenal artistic talent, and I know it's all going to show when you get the books and see what we have cooked up!

Speaking of the additional cover promotion, the recently announced Josh Howard limited edition, I can tell you the majority of the run have sold via preorders to shops, so don't hesitate if you're looking to score one of those. I've just updated the website, and the store, so all covers of the Special are available for preorder there. My copies are en route from the printer, so I'll be able to start shipping those soon (but likely not til I return from Wondercon this weekend!).

SIDE NOTE: I'm using the same printer that I did with issue number 3. They're domestic and offer great rates for full color, but they're new at comic book printing (and I don't work directly with them, but rather via a broker). So, while I've had some mild delays with this issue, they were much smoother this time, and still quite a bargain for lower run color printing. And although this book is actually black and white, they were still the best price I could find...

SUPER REAL The Pinups Vol1.0

With con season ramping up (I just had my most successful local Portland con yet this past weekend), and with Wondercon this weekend, I've just sent off files to for an all new offering, a book of Super Real pinups.

The first version of the book wound up with 22 pieces total, from 21 different artists (plus my covers, front and back) with a cardstock cover and 40 full color pages for $10! I opted for the extra size, because I wanted to share info on all the artists, and any insights into their pieces, but also didn't want to shrink the art to fit text on the same page, so each pinup has an offsetting page of text, leaving the art at full bleed in most cases!

Can't wait to see how these turn out!

I won't have them in time for Wondercon, but I will have them for Wizard World LA.

You can pick up copies of either new book, both the Special and the Pinup volume, via the website store HERE

SIDE NOTE: I'm doing the pinup book via POD (print on demand) because it gives me flexibility. I can print up a limited number of the book to start with (as POD cost is the same for 1 copy as it is for any amount), and then as I print more copies for future sales, I can update the book with new, additional content, unitl it's time to come out with an entirely new release.
I'm using Ka-Blam ( as I found their service and product were great, and that they met their quoted leadtimes, when I used them last year for SDCC preview books. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to use a POD service, and POD for any kind of limited run convention/online sales.


In case you didn't pick up on it in the rest of the post, I'm going to be in San Francisco this weekend for the big Wondercon event! This will be my second year exhibiting at the show, and my first time in artist alley (table AA61).

Be sure and say hello if you make it to the show, I always love meeting fans of the book!

Next up is Wizard World LA on 3/16-3/18.

SIDE NOTE: I'm opting to display in artist alley at all shows this year (accept
for SDCC), as I've found the additional sketch request sales I tend to recieve
in those locations, as opposed to small press space, help to offset the cost of
doing shows. And while utimately, I'm at the shows to promote Super Real,
they're quite expensive to do, so any additional revenue is helpful.


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