Friday, February 09, 2007


While I roll out the Josh Howard cover promotion for the Super Real Special due out end of the month, dot some t's and cross some i's (or sum such) with con plans (oh San Diego Comic-con, how your dreadful hotel system has smite me again), finish up my 10 page contribution to the Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch TPB anthology (hopefully today), maintain my web presence, and start to gear up for the Super Real Special sequel (yes, sequel, more on that coming), I'm also posting artwork up on my DeviantArt account...

In case you don't watch that space of mine, it's my online gallery, with a good percentage of in process artwork from Super Real making it up there, along with other pursuits. This week I'm posting the majority of my pages from the Super Real Special - SUPER REAL VS THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY. Just another angle to whet appetites for the book's imminent release! ;)

So, here's a sample of one of the pages:

Hop on over to DA to check out more, with even more to come over the next couple days!

My section of the special features participants number 1 and 2 in no-holds-barred action. Yes folks, this book actually delivers the genetically enhanced action you've all been waiting for! (With plenty more to come!)


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