Monday, February 19, 2007


I've accumulated a number of pinups since I started publishing Super Real, and I try to use them in the book, or as cover art when I can, but I simply get too many to publish with the book's format the way it is. So instead of cutting the poster/interview section, the editorial page, or the ad swaps I do with other publishers, I've decided to put together a Super Real pinup book.

With con season at hand, I'm putting the finishing touches on a book to have printed via's print on demand service. Since there've been a number of artists who've mentioned doing a pinup, I shook some trees this past week, and wouldn't ya know, some swanky Super Real guest art pinups showed up!

So, here I am, to share them with you, before they're available in the pinup book... I'm thinking of calling it Super Real Friends, or Super Real Friends: Pinup art and sketches... something along those lines, as it's all friends of the book doing pinups an the like.
It's going to be about 24 pieces, with about 3 by me (2 of which have never before been published), in a comic book size, cardstock cover book, with 2 pages for each piece, one for the art, and the other with notes on the artist, their work, and what (if anything) they've done for Super Real. So, a little something extra, as always. It will be a wide variety of artists, ranging from established creators in the industry, to rising talent.
I'm thinking of selling them for $10 each.

I'll of course, let you know once they're available (unfortunately, barring a miracle, they won't be ready for Wondercon)!

The pinups included here, from top to bottom are:

1) Holly (aka Participant Number 1)
by HC Noel

2) Kityana (aka Participant Number 3)
by Jerry Gaylord

3) Shana (aka Participant Number 5)
by Dan Mendoza



joeldanford said...

That's cool, Jason!! I'll color that one I did for that contest you had a while back that didn't win and you're more than welcome to use it. May even do another one just for the hell of it.

Also, how is Ka-blam? Haven't used them yet. Seems like they should be giving ComiXpress some healthy competition. I will probably use both if Ka-blam turns out to be a viable thing.

Good luck at all the cons this year!!

Jason Martin said...

Yo man,

Sorry, meant to reply sooner...

You're always welcome to update that one to color or what not. I've still got to get a page on the website for all the pinpus!

As for Ka-blam, I used them last year for a preview book at SDCC, and they were great! They meet/beat their leadtime and the product is exactly the same as what you'd find via ComiXpress (who seem to keep struggling with things).
That's why I used them again on this project, and so far so good.