Friday, August 10, 2007

SUPER REAL NOTES: Wizard World Chicago

Preview night is already in the books, and it was as much of a stinker as the first one (I was there 2 years ago for the first time Wizard added the Thursday night preview and it was a dead zone).
It's only open 3 hours (officially), but they didn't start letting people in til 15 minutes past the open time, that coupled with a 4-7pm time slot and a weekday (and not SDCC) makes for some slow going unless you've got exclusives people are rabid for, or are a "name" artist people want to get on a sketch list of, I suspect (though some friends in with a Small Press booth said business was good, and the crowds did seem bigger than '05).

I'll be in artist alley space 5400 (not in the program) if you're there.
Looking forward to a good show (and more White Castles and some Chicago-style pizza, plus I've family in the area - bonus!)!!

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