Thursday, August 16, 2007

WW Chicago sketches

Just back from Chicago last night, it was a great con, much better than 2 years ago (my first time at the show).

I did quite a few sketches and tried to get some decent pictures, but I really need to get a new camera. So, thought I'd share some of those!

All of these (except Wonder Woman) were done without reference...
As you can see, Cherry Darling is a popular request (there were I think 2 more I didn't get pics of), I also sold out of the copies I had of my print of her...

Some of these I'd like to do as a finished drawing if I get the time!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table and said hello, and especially those who picked something up, or commissioned a sketch, I really appreciate it!
See you at the next show!

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