Thursday, December 31, 2009

ARTWORK: Adult Swim 2010 calendar

Earlier this year I did a Venture Brothers (the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim animated series) fan art featuring Molotov Cocktease, as a faux old school comic book cover, and as fans of the show tend to be a bit rabid (it's a good, quirky show), the image was rather popular... fast forward to this fall, and I was contacted by Adult Swim, who were interested in using the image for a 2010 Adult Swim calendar they were putting together.

So that's cool.

They explained the calendar was going to feature each of the different AS shows, as a different comic book style cover each month, so this was a perfect fit.

Now, I recently was sent a couple copies of the calendar, and the theme is more "comics", as in strip, page or image, than covers, but there you go.

They just recently put the calendars on the AS site (and all the promo stuff I've seen feature my image), but I still haven't seen them posted in the store. You can currently try to win a copy HERE

The calendars aren't mass marketed or anything, just available directly from AS on their site, and as soon as that's posted, I'll link to it.

Also, they mentioned possibly making some prints out of the images, but I haven't heard or seen anything more on that.

In the meantime, you can take a look at the artwork (above), and some a pics of the calendar (below, with crappy old digital cam)...

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