Friday, December 11, 2009

ARTWORK: December art & sketchbook sale!

Last night I made a folder in my DeviantArt gallery full of original sketches, fan arts, pinups and more that've been kicking around my office the last couple years, that I'm looking to get rid of for rock bottom prices... HERE

I've already sold several things, so take a peek if you've ever wanted to pick up some of my art. I'll continue to add things over the weekend. Trying to raise a little holiday cash...
And speaking of the 2009 sketchbooks, I got the itch to do some new fan arts, so I posted 3 copies of the sketchbooks on eBay with sketches in them (of cool characters I've never drawn before), you can bid on those now:

MORRIGAN (from Darkstalkers)

YOKO (from Gurren Lagann)


Just click on the links below them to go to the auctions!

I'm always open for commissions too, so just shoot me an email for pricing or questions