Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Artwork: New 52 Supergirl sketch

Here's a recent sketch (pencil, ink, and marker on 8.5x11" acid free paper) of the New 52 version of Supergirl (loving the new reboots of Supergirl and Wonder Woman btw)...
Which is available on eBay now!

I hope to do more sketches and sketch covers (like this recent Wolverine and the X-Men number 1, I sold on eBay, pictured below) to put up on eBay this winter!


Boo said...

yeah i'm loving the new Supergirl, i did a hot one of her recently, but i HATE the new wonderwoman comic, it's a mess, crap art and even worse writing, i would rather buy extra copys of Wolverine and the x-men

Jason Martin said...

Hey man,

Yeah, diggin it, but man, you don't like the art or the writing on WW??
I get the art, I know some find it crude, but I love it... but the writing, man, Azzarello is really killing it! I've waited sooo long to have WW be readable, so having it be this good is a treat. I know his approach here is very tricky though, it's demanding, and every issue has required rereading, but not in a bad way ;)