Thursday, February 02, 2012

TEE DESIGN: A game of previews 4

All week I've been previewing my new Game of Thrones/Tyrion Lannister/Peter Dinklage t-shirt design, and today we get to see the last step before the finished artwork (sans any graphic elements), the flat colors.
On something like a t-shirts design, the flat colors are even further removed from the finished look, because most shirt printers require a limited number of colors used in a design, making the colors more graphic in nature (because of the limitation in choices). Also, with a design that consists almost entirely of a face like this one, there's going to be more design to the colors as well (to make the design as a whole interesting). So unlike flatting colors for sequential art for example, where most of the heavy lifting is done at the flatting stage, shading a design like this can take nearly as long as the rest of the process combined (especially since I'm working in Photoshop and not a more graphic based program).

So tune in tomorrow to see the image come to more life!

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