Thursday, March 15, 2012

First ever sketch card collection

Yesterday I talked about my killer new sketchbook compilation chock full of femme fatale fanart, and today I want to talk about another new sketchbook compilation, this time collecting some of my sketch card artwork for the first time!

JMart: sketch card art 

The book is 20 pages, full color, comic book size, and showcases a selection of the licensed card work I've done with 5finity, as well as some custom/personal sketch card work. Each page features 3 to 4 cards, so there are tons of my best cards featured within.

Have a look at some of the works included...

I'll have the books starting tomorrow at Wondercon but if you'd like to, you can pick one up here now:

JMart: sketch card art 
$5.00 (plus shipping)

Or you can pick it up (and tons of other stuff of mine) in my STORE

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