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Night of the 80's Undead - Geeky Universe interview

I just did another interview to promote Night of the 80's Undead... this time with

You can see the interview HERE or below...

Night of the 80′s Undead – The Best of Two Worlds

Posted August 13, 2013 by Keith Watson in Comics

I preface this article by making two important points. First, I am new to reviewing comics. This is only my second review. Second, I am new to interviewing people about their artistic work, so I may fail miserably. I am an ex-therapist, so I am used to those types of interviews. However, perhaps my open ended questioning style allows for me to listen to the creator talk about their work. I hope I was able to do that in this case.

Super Real was Jason’s first work. He started working on it about ten years ago. He published it in 2005. Since then he has been credited in a number of other works listed on his blog, which I will link at the end of this article.

Night of the 80’s Undead is an example of a well drawn and written comic about an arguably overused theme: Zombies. Jason Martin, President of the Action Lab: Danger-Zone comic line has been working on this idea for two and a half years. A year and a half ago, he found a skilled pencil artist, Bill McKay to collaborate with him.

Jason is 41 and well versed in 80s culture. Mix that with his love of horror movies, art, and pop culture and he has the tools to make a comic of this genre and to do it well. Adding parody to the combination makes this a really fun comic to read. In speaking with Jason about the art, I learned that Bill is new to comic art. I was really impressed by what he did in his drawings and thought it was great that Jason allowed him to have some freedom to be creative. His future is bright and the two of them work well together.

Page 22 is a really good example of the artwork. There is a huge splash page full of so much detail. On one page there is so much going on, and so much gore. It’s easy to be astounded at the art. I know I say this from the perspective of someone who can’t even draw a circle. I am so thankful that others can do art like this so that I can appreciate it.

The intent was always a three part comic. Taking two and a half years to fully develop the ideas and the artwork really paid off. The finished product is polished and it is worth taking the time to appreciate all of the art along with reading the story. I’m betting on consistent quality in all three issues.

A variety of celebrities from the 80s that are still important today are “implied” to be characters in the story and it will be interesting to see if they have involvement in the plot going forward. I have had a chance to take a sneak peak at the second issue and I was pleased. I got just enough of a peek to really intrigue me and I look forward to getting my hands on a copy.

Below, I’ll link to Action Labs: Danger-Zone and Jason’s blog so that readers can take a look for themselves at his work and what he is publishing in the future.

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