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Night of the 80's Undead - Geeks of Doom review

So yeah, most all of the reviews we got on issue one came while I was away at SDCC...

But hey, look, some people liked the book too!

"I would strongly recommend that you give it a look, because behind the cover you will find one hell of a good time!"

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Comic Review: Night Of The ’80s Undead #1

PS Hayes  |  
Night of the 80s Undead #1Night of the ’80s Undead #1
Story, Colors & Letter Assists by Jason Martin
Pencils by Bill McKay
Letters by Dave Dwonch
Cover by Bill McKay
Action Lab Comics
Release Date: July 10, 2013
Cover Price: $3.99

At first, you might shy away from Night of the ’80s Undead #1, because it’s an indie comic by a company that you may not have heard of before. BUT, I would strongly recommend that you give it a look, because behind the cover you will find one hell of a good time!
I have to tip my hat to writer Jason Martinfor coming up with a story that’s both funny and original. OK, in today’s comic world zombies aren’t totally an original idea, but what he does with them in this issue, is. Basically, all of your favorite movie stars from the ’80s become zombies and it’s not the fact that they’re zombies that’s funny, it’s what happens beforehand. Martin hasn’t left anything out when it comes to the setting of the story, even providing a soundtrack for the readers at the start of the issue. These are stylized versions of real life characters and he hits them on every note.

Bill McKay does a fine job as the books artist. He’s got a clean, crisp style that is a little on the cartoony side, but it fits the book perfectly. With a quick look you know who each of the characters are, even though their names are never mentioned, for obvious reasons. And, I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of blood and gore here, but it’s drawn in such a style that it’s never anything that would be off putting.
I say, definitely give this book a chance. It’s very entertaining, but I have to warn you, this book is ONLY for adults. Any younger reader or anyone that’s easily offended by language, drug use, or anything else of that nature need to take a pass on this one. Otherwise, pick it up!!!!

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