Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Night of the 80's Undead - Sequential Tart review

Another great review from a bit back for issue one...

This time it's Sequential Tart showing their love, giving it a 9 (out of 10 I assume), and saying,
"Sweet, glorious, carnage, Jason Martin's first issue of Night of the 80's Undead made me feel warm and fuzzy in the zombie loving parts of my brain."

You can read the full review HERE or just click below...

Night of the 80's Undead #1

by Roz Young

Reviews may contain information that could be considered 'spoilers'. Readers should proceed at their own risk.
Action Lab Entertainment
Writer: Jason Martin
Penciler: Bill McKay
Colorist: Jason Martin
Letterer: Dave Dwonch
Grade: 9
Sweet, glorious, carnage, Jason Martin's first issue of Night of the 80's Undead made me feel warm and fuzzy in the zombie loving parts of my brain. The comic delivered on the title's premise: it's totally fucking zombies in the totally fucking 80's. If you voraciously consume the supple flesh of undead stories and you're old enough to remember a time before CDs and the internet, you'll dig this comic. The narrative isn't trying to be a deep exploration of our humanity, and I enjoyed the first issue immensely for that very reason. It's balls out, bat shit crazy fun. But, I was really impressed by the creative way that the zombie outbreak was established. It’s a hilarious and clever idea that a Russian Cold War plot to spike cocaine with an infectious, biochemical agent unleashed an army of zombie actors in LA. I loved it.

My only concern about the story from the first issue is the bland lead character, Sarah. She's a busty, brunette teen who has embraced the finest in 80's fashion. Sarah is all the bad things about hot, teenage girls with more money than brains. Hopefully that's leaving room for a dramatic character arc. Maybe she becomes a badass, zombie fighting machine that realizes she doesn't need to hate bang some guy to get over her ex-boyfriend. Her cleavage is magnificent, but boring. At least slip a nip if you're going to run around in that stylish, black bustier. I would love to see a lady in a zombie horror complain about the impracticality of her undergarments for fighting the undead.

But, there's more awesome! This comic is a sensual experience. You get a sweet list of tunes to play as you read the pages, including some Soft Cell, The Cure, and Devo. The colours are so rad I think they burned out my cornea's ability to perceive 80's pink. The blues and yellows also rocked my mind. An immersive, silly, fucked up ride,Night of the 80's Undead is a heck of a lot of fun in a genre that often takes itself too seriously. I can't wait to see where this goes.
Written: July 15, 2013
Published: July 15, 2013

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