Monday, August 17, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: CBR interview and GN update!

Been slammed beyond infinity, and someone forwarded me a link to this, but have not gotten to posting it around...

I did an interview for Comic Book Resources a while back, and they ran it last week HERE

It's centered around Super Real, and the Graphic Novel, and it touches on other stuff too, but mainly I shoot straight about what's what with the book, and how it got to where it's at, format and schedule wise...
It's reformatted in a funky quote laden expose of sorts, and has a couple wonky facts (mainly A) the final issue is being published digitally via SRG and in print via Haven, and B) SRG has always been the publishing company, but only started offering other products, outside Super Real, in 2008), but is a good summary of where we're at with the book and what's to come!
And yes, the book is late.
I scheduled it for July with the hopes of having it for the big cons, but it was too much to finish for that, and got further delayed when I had to drop it for weeks doing the shows, but it's back on track and nearing completion.

It (the graphic novel) will be out in September (along with the final issue), and Diamond will have it out to shops per the original terms and all that. No worries.
It is indeed coming, and SOON!
I promise :)

From there it's over to launch Pulp Girls
Plus there's other exciting stuff moving forward too!!!

Lots of cool stuff coming VERY SOON!!!

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