Tuesday, August 03, 2010

PULP GIRLS sketch cards

A couple notes for those still looking to get some of the super sweet Pulp Girls sketch cards (from the recent 5finity Jam series)...

1) I have exactly 10 unopened packs left, and have posted them on eBay HERE

2)And while I didn't get any return "artist exclusive" cards on the set, as all 50 cards I did went into the 600 pack circulation, I do have a limited number of blank AE cards available. You can get custom cards with any Pulp Girl character from me for either $20ea for full color bust, or $25ea for full color 2/3rd body shot (or a bit more for more involved cards).
Just email me - jasinmartin@hotmail.com

(Or, if you're looking to score cards from some of the dozens of other cool artists on the set, hop over to the DeviantArt Pulp Girls page and you can link to their respective pages)

Full info on the sketch cards and the hub for Pulp Girls goodness is of course available at PulpGirls.com!

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