Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Hobo with a Vengeance!

In theaters in May, but on-demand now, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is part Grindhouse, part Clockwork Orange, and all bad-ass in-your-face creative buckshot!

The film is pretty special in that not only was it born from a fake Grindhouse trailer contest, but it actually delivers, and then some, a pitch perfect love letter to all the best of video era schlock, complete with 80's straight to video action star Rutger Hauer (who doesn't mail this one in, but rather gives a great performance), as the titular hobo. Our "hobo" rides the rails and only wants to save up enough in his coin sock for a lawn mower and another chance at life, but fate has brought him to a city just this side of hell, and pushes him to dig deep and invest in some pump action justice.

Pedofile santas, brazen pimps, a hooker with a heart of gold, and a family clan more sinister and twisted than any imagined, running rough shod over it all, must all face the force that is Hobo with a Shotgun. A simple down on his luck tramp turned wild bear with a taste for human flesh. Oh yeah, it's on. Not for the squeemish, the easily offended, or most anyone, but for those that like the crazy-shit-dial cranked to 11, run to the cinema with brown paper bag beverages, Hobo with a Shotgun will make you howl and squeal with delight... deliverance style!!!

Truly inspired and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Here's the trailer...

And here's an awesome fan art of "The Plague", amazing characters that show up towards the end of the movie (you know a movie's great when perhaps the coolest thing isn't even key to, or needed in, the movie)...

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