Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... when tires become self aware, no one is safe, but we'll all have a good time.

In theaters now, but also on-demand, RUBBER (which I watched the other night in an insane double bill with Hobo with a Shotgun), is an inspired piece of film making. And it is a film, in the sense of the word, much more than a movie, in that it plays with the medium as an art form and toys with the audience in a meta way, but it doesn't get too caught up in all that to still deliver a fun movie along the way.

After first hearing about Rubber, as it confounded foreign audiences with it's story centered around a murderous tire... yes, murderous.tire. I knew I had to see this French horror(?) film as soon as possible.

Aside from the truly strange premise, Rubber goes further into the bizarre by introducing meta elements that play on expectations and mess with the conventions of movie making/watching. But for as radical as the story and narrative are, it's balanced by an accomplished hand at the wheel... If you thought early Cohen brothers were inspired film makers, or Michel Gondry was out there, make way for Quentin Dupieux! He's a mad man. But he also knows how to make a sharp and gorgeous looking film, that's as solid to watch, as it is insanely fun to experience.

Binoculars, tires, tricycles, turkeys, no object is too mundane or left field to become a key element in the film. Why? No reason. If you can roll (pun not really intended) with this kind of anything goes, just for the heck of it cinema, then you should by all means see Rubber. You may find it as charming and intoxicatingly clever as we did.


Here's a fan art I'm working on...

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