Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Comic-Con '11

Well, since it's been wrapped for a week, it must be past time to post anything I plan to share about the world's craziest comic show!

It was a great year for SRG, with Zombie Tramp continuing it's strong performance at shows. And then also with our many debuts and previews for upcoming works (see the previous post about the show, and stay tuned for more to come with more details on the various projects!)!!!

It was also a good year for me personally at the show, sales wise. The show is always a great time, as I get to see many old friends (some of which I only see once a year there, or less), meet new friends, both that I've known online or have just met, plus see fans new and old. And then spend time after the show catching up in and around San Diego. It can't be beat! But sales are a different matter, and it's always good to have those play out well too. And since the focus of most of my recent shows has been publishing centric, it's tough to get attention on my art and more personal work. But that's a balance that I'll keep managing, and have some plans to wrangle better next season.

I got a new smart phone a little while back and had hoped to use it more to take pictures and maybe video, and to do a better job capturing the crazy and cool moments of these shows to share, but unfortunately, with everything I was juggling, I didn't really do much of that here at all. I do have some pictures of my one early AM walk around the show floor that I'll post on my Facebook HERE

So check those out!
(The highlight of stuff I saw had to be the awesome Mego style Presidential Monsters figures - the concept, design, sculpts, and art for which were pitch perfect brilliant - and, having just re-watched the entire first four original Superman films, the life size and very life like dead-on replica of Christopher Reeves Superman!)
There were, as always, some really cool things to see (and buy, and wish for, etc etc).

Comic-Con, even though it's now radically changed, is still my favorite show to do, and I look forward to it every year (as I always say) like I used to Christmas morning! Plus, I have a few days of withdrawals post show every year too, wishing I had more time at the show to do and see and take it all in... it's so crazy to watch G4's coverage back at home and see the metric ton of stuff I missed. Your perspective of the show from behind the table is so different from what actually transpires all around you!

Also, on the exhibitor side of things, the show continues to perform more like a media fan event than comic show, but with 130,000 people in attendance, there's still plenty of comic book related goodwill to be had. For those creators that see the con as the end all be all of shows to get to, be warned, there are many other shows that will better serve you from an exhibiting standpoint. That said, there are many things that only Comic-Con can offer!

Now stay tuned for those updates on the various new projects I have in the works!

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