Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meanwhile at the movies... Thing vs Thing!

Waited in line last night for a preview screening of the new THE THING prequel/reboot, so here's a quick review...

 Go see it!

 What? Want more?

 It's really good!

 What's that you say, what if you love Carpenter's The Thing?

 Well hell, I do, as with most horror/genre afficionados, I fucking love it. So imagine an actually really good prequel (unlike the Star War prequels - though I have little gripe with those prequels myself), with more of most everything you liked about the first.

 Is it as great as Kurt Russell and the 1982 version?

 Nah, he's not in it, and it's not John Carpenter at his prime, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead is solid, and it is really damn good in it's own right, plus it works really well with that film. The director works really hard to keep you off balance throughout, which is key since we know how this plays out. Plus, it's got a bug nuts Silent Hill meets Lovecraft style upgrade to the creature/s that 30 years of cinematic improvement allow!
 Kudos to the producers, and again, the director, for crafting this in the same cinematic style as the first, and not leaving too many "Hollywood horror production" fingerprints on it. It's rated R and built right... unlike some recent horror classic reboots (AHEM Friday the 13th, COUGH Nightmare on Elm Street)!!!

 As I said, this one gives you an update of the story we know, but it also gives us more than we got before...
 Man, it was good!


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