Friday, September 21, 2012

FAN ART: Batgirl

Had a Batgirl fan art I'd started up a while back and been noodling with off and on that I finally got serious about this week. Turns out an artist from DA that I love (Syko Manyak) had a killer offer on commission work, and for just color too, that I couldn't refuse, and so had it colored by him.

After getting the colors, I went ahead and made some tweaks, so here's the process from roughs to my finished colors... (so, 1) roughs, 2) finished lines, 3) Syko colors, 4) colors with my edits)
I dig how it came out, and it's always tons of fun to work with other artitsts!

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allen etter said...

Love that she isn't a "skinny chick".