Friday, November 18, 2005

COMICS REVIEW: 11/16 books

I'm going to try something new, and put up a batch of reviews for each week's new books. Assuming I get around to reading books each week. We'll see...
Here's a good batch from this week:


You may know I'm a fan of Josh, as he did the fabulous variant cover for our first issue. Regardless, Black Harvest #1 is a great read. Josh's trademark style is in full affect, and the story is on point. It really cruises through the set up, with style and charm along the way.
And the ending is great.


Another new number one, from a favorite creator of mine, this time it's writer Brian Wood. Brian just had DMZ #1 come out last week, and it was great, but with Local I wasn't sure quite what to expect. Sure, it's by Brian so I expected something great, but I was a little in the dark on the high concept for this one, other than it was glossy b&w monthly self-contained stories in a large finite arc, just like the fabulous Demo from last year.
I can honestly tell you, Local was a real treat. I love the setup of the first issue, and the device he uses to build the story. It's very unique for a comic book, and really makes one think of clever indy films that bring something new to the craft.
Add to that the fact that we're due for 11 more stories based around this issues main character as she travels the country, aging a year per issue, and you have the groundwork for something both intriguing, and creatively unique. Quite an accomplishment!


Announced a year ago, this take on Superman was a long time coming. Especially if you consider that super-star writer Grant Morrison was due to write Superman almost a decade ago, and that fell through.
Now we've got him teamed with frequent collaborator, super-star artist Frank Quitely.
But how's the book?
Well, of course it's brilliant!
Gorgeous to look at, expertly staged, and full of trademark Morrison madness!
Great stuff!


Brubaker's a great writer, but frankly, his stuff's really dry for my taste. However, either the story's a bit grander, or just having the X-cast in it, made this one connect for me a bit more. Not to mention the incredible Hairsine artwork...
Good start to a larger story, but weak on it's own.


Ichiban Sensei said...

Hey I really like your blogsite here. I agree with your Local and Superman reviews. I've got a Local review up on my blogsite also. My All-Star Superman #1 is coming soon. Great work!

Jason Martin said...

Hey thanks!
I'll have to check out your blog...

If you liked Local, have you checked out DMZ #1 or any other Brian Wood books? He's awesome.