Friday, November 11, 2005

COMICS REVIEW: Marvel rundown


I was really looking forward to this one, the concept sounded like lots of fun, and I thought it could fill the void of that other secret ops team mini-series, Livewires...
Well, the first issue (after finally snagging a copy) was a real disappointment, no, make that frustration! Everything about the book is confusing. First off, in an effort to hit the ground running, we're thrown into the middle of a conflict with characters we know nothing about. Add to that, the dialogue doesn't contribute much besides quips and zingers from the central characters, the artwork of Edu Francisco, while impressive, is very cluttered and unclear, with the coloring a palette of dark to darker muted tones washing everything out! In otherwords, it's one big cluster fuck! I have no idea who I'm looking at on a panel, if it's a dog, wolf, or dog-wolf, or how many versions of similar things there are, or if it's just one character, and I don't get any reason to care.
Sorry. I'll stick around an issue more and see if the fog lifts on this one...
Not Recommended


Ultimate Spider-Man is one of my favorite books. I've never been a huge Spidey fan, but I think Bendis' Ultimate interpretation if full of only the best spidey-lore elements, and coupled with his storytelling style and Bagley's solid art, it's a real fun ride. I've been reading them in arcs for a while, with the latest arc WARRIORS just finishing, it was time to dig back in.
I did find this time, it had been too long since I'd read the title, and I'd completely forgotten the previous Hobgoblin arc, so perhaps I'll switch back to reading them as they come out.
Any way, I really enjoyed this story, and how Bendis was able to weave so many characters in and out of it. It really feels like he's building on everything that's come before, and using those elements to move things forward, something that gets lost in today's world of perpetually changing creative teams. Peter's web of romantic woes and crazy foes is just fun to watch. This is still one of my favorite books, along with The Ultimates, a superhero comic done right!
Highly Recommended


I'm not really digging this arc near as much as the first. Mostly because we have back up art, I think that makes this downbeat character-driven story feel even more pedestrian, and gives it that after-school-special vibe...
I think Heinberg's TV tendencies need more oompf in the art department to sing on the comic page.
Mildly Recommended

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