Friday, November 04, 2005

HEY DJ! - Bloc Party VS Ladytron

I'd heard the tail end of a new Ladytron track on the radio, odd because first, I'd never heard Ladytron on the radio before (commercials maybe), and second, because I didn't realize they had a new CD out.

The new disc, THE WITCHING HOUR, is a decided departure for Ladytron, who heralded in the electro movement with their 2001 debut 404, a brilliant disc (that gives the Gorillaz a toss up for my best disc of that year). However, with their 2002 follow-up, LIGHT & MAGIC, their formula had worn a bit thin, especially with the meandering length of that disc, and so this departure is welcome. Now, the Ladytron sound is more dense, with more guitar, and far less electro-synth. At any rate, the first couple tours through the tracks were solid, but unimpressive, cept a couple standouts - such as the first couple tracks, but after going through it a few times, I can confidently say it's great.

Highly recommended, especially for those that like groups like Lush, or Garbage, where female vocals are mixed with big noise.

The other disc I need to mention is BLOC PARTY - SILENT ALARM REMIXED.

Now, SILENT ALARM is already destined to be my favorite discs of the year, it's just so alive, inventive, and kick ass, but the remix disc is icing on the cake. Each track from their stellar debut is remixed by a different production outfit, or altogether reworked, and while they perhaps go in directions I wouldn't hope, or expect, it's still incredible. Generally when you think remix, you think dance, but this is a bit more imaginative than that. The bonus disc, with a couple new tracks, and acoustic tracks, is a nice bonus too.

Check out SILENT ALARM if you haven't, I can't recommend it enough. And if you like SILENT ALARM, you must get the remix disc!

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