Wednesday, November 30, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Another great column on CBR

I'm doing a little catch up here, it's been a busy week, holiday, book coming out, new job, and in the meantime there's been some good stuff floatin around the net.

Joe Casey (scribe of the fabulous new Image series GODLAND) and Matt Fraction (killer scribe of some recent indy gems) host a weekly throwdown on comics topics at CBR. Last week they went on about the big two's current cycle of stunt/marketing driven publishing, or rather, touching on that and how it relates to the current health of the market. Basically, although the sales of comic books continue to edge slightly up period after period, the majority of titles actually cycle down continuously. A trend I find more than alarming (not to mention the current big event publishing crap).

You can see their perspective in full HERE

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