Thursday, November 03, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Caught by the Perhapanauts runs a feature called "The Eyecatcher", where they showcase upcoming books that stand out from the crowd. The current pick? The upcoming book from Dark Horse, PERHAPANAUTS.

I just wanted to join in on the lovefest for this book, because after reading about it a couple years back, I bought the then Ash-Can version of the book from it's website. Perhapanauts is a fun little title that is expertly written, and most of all brought to life, by creators Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau. Rousseau works in an appealing and impressive clean line style, and the tales of this paranormal resistance outfit, employeed with a cool cast of the bizarre, is the perfect blend of comic book cool.

Check it out if you haven't, the DH mini should be a ton of fun.
You can go to BF's Eyecatcher feature HERE
or the Perhapanaut's site HERE

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