Wednesday, November 30, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Larsen ponders our IQ

Eric Larsen's column over on CBR is a good read. Last week he mused about the current state of comic book technique, that is, the use or lack of use, of comic book techniques unique to the medium, like thought baloons and captions etc.

I think his summary is spot on, one should make use of all the tools out there, appropriate to tell the story in question, and not adhere to current trends just because. Pretty sensible position, and one I share. It's a fine line I think, between function, art, and camp. So really, it does all boil down to the story you're telling, it's tone, and how the tools fit it.

You can see his whole spot on it HERE

Week in and week out he's not really dropping any crazy knowledge, but rather engaging in frank and meaningfull discourse about the medium. Something we could use more of in the comics internet, as opposed to the onslaught of previews and reviews.

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