Wednesday, November 30, 2005

LOOK, IT'S ON THE WEB! - Ichiban-ban Ichiban-ban Ichibannnnn

I recently came across a great new blog called ICHIBAN COMICS that features reviews for number one issues, and lets you know if you should pick up the rest of the featured book. Not only is this a fresh idea, but the approach and content provided for each review is unique and thorough.

Ichiban was also kind enough to review Super Real, so you can check that out HERE
It's a great review in that, well they're very kind about the book, but more specifically, they really seem to get some elements about the book that others haven't mentioned in their reviews. So that's nice...

Give ol' Ichi a twirl and tell 'em TSL sent ya!


Jason Berek-Lewis said...

ichiban is a great guy! I am glad you found his blog!

Jason Martin said...

Do you know him, or rather I assume, his blog?

Ichiban Sensei said...

Hey Jason and Jason,
I appreciate the high praise, seriously though, I'm just having fun talking about the #1s that I'm reading.

Jason M - thanks for thinking enough of my review to throw it up on your front page! I get the feeling XTV will be so big, you may even take over Nike?!

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

I read his blog and post there, and he does the same on mine. I really appreciate his support.