Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CON SWAG: WWPhilly - Model Operandi

Wizard World Philadelphia was a few weeks back now, but I've still yet to share any of the cool books I picked up there, so here we go!


Model Operandi is a project I first came across on the web, artist Dennis Budd's mixture of sexy gals and cartoon lines caught my eye, and Joe Caramagna's scripts propelled me through the first installment they'd placed online as a webcomic some time back. I recently came across them again (perhaps Myspace) and found out the webcomic was being collected as a trade from After Hours Press. So naturally I was thrilled to find the creators on hand at the AHP booth in Philly!

Turns out Dennis and Joe are both swell men to boot! So I made sure to pick up the trade collection - Model Operandi #1 - for $5.99
It's full color and collects the 3 part story in an oversized 84 page trade that's full of snazzy pin ups of the characters as well!
MO is the story of rival model agency owners, clients, and Interpol agents amidst the backdrop of Paris. Full of comedy, action, and more than a few twists. Budd's artwork is a treat throughout, capturing the sexy women in a fun style, while his and Caramagna's story is peppered with sass, line after line. It's really a fun all around read.


The best part? Model Operandi can be yours in the upcoming JULY PREVIEWS CATALOG and is due in comic shops this September!
Make sure and pre order this one, it's the equivalent to 3 comics, with tons of extra pin ups, for only six bucks!

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