Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SUPER REAL NOTES - 6/6 Issue 3 variant cover

I still need to verify with my Diamond rep if it's okay, but here's the potential 3rd variant for the soon coming issue 3.

It's by the creator of the best OEL manga, and one of the hottest new talents in comics in general if you ask me (go on ask me), Felipe Smith! Felipe does the incredibly raw true to life book MBQ for Tokyopop, when he's not turnin out smokin variant covers for me!

The plan is to include this cover as the second 1 in 4 variant for the third issue. That would be a ratio of 2 of my regular cover to 1 of the Hecot Sevilla and 1 of the Felipe Smith...

I'm also hoping to have some potential new colors for the Hector cover shortly...


Anonymous said...

I love that cover.. BUT, how do they.. you know?..


Jason Martin said...

Thanks! Me too!!

"BUT, how do they.. you know?.."

Umm, no?
I think you're asking how the nano-skin works, if it functions as a skin, but appears to gloss over functional parts of the body?
You'll have to stay tuned on that one... it's not like key to the story, but I suppose we need to explain it... or perhaps it would be more intriguing left unsaid?