Friday, November 03, 2006


I'm slipping behind further, and further, but we're only a couple days into the new releases for 11/1, so I'm not too late to talk about last week!

Once again though, let me remind you all, this is an interactive feature :)
So start sharing, or I'm not going to play with you any more!!

Here we go, here's my pick of last weeks pack of comics...

Let's run it all down:

Civil War crap - New Avengers 24 continues the filler dreck, what shit, utter filler shit, oh well, at least it's got some gorgeous Pascual Ferry artwork - Civil War Choosing Sides plays out like the teaser trailer that it is for these CW spawned titles, but hey, it's got HOWARD THE FUCKING DUCK, making it a must have for me. No picks here... (oh yeah, and almost forgot about Heroes for Hire 3, what's that tell ya? Nice 1/3rd of a cover though...)

Marvel Zombie - I am a bit of one ya know? Zombie #2 from the Max imprint is fun, but a lot less going on then in the debut (especially in the unique to zomibie story 101 department)... X-Men #192 continues the cool debut of the new creative team (ya know, X-Men titles are like revolving doors, maybe we should just call em temps?), Bachalo sure does a pretty page, story's pretty good, we're almost to the climax, thumbs up... and Nextwave #9, another favorite of mine, but this issue seemed especially light. Great feed from Ellis's fucked up Marvel comics brainwaves, just hyper dumped this time. So, no winner here...

The rest -
Savage Brothers numbers 1 and 2, what can I say, scored these this week, after peeking the awesome artwork in issue 2... stories okay, it's zombies with great art, that makes it a buy, but not a pick.
Deathblow #1, almost picked this one, love D'Anda's art, and it's really nice here. Fun Azzarello story too, but the return of another book had me all extra smitten...


When Godland first came out I was really diggin it, but as the issues came month in month out, it lost some of that cosmic like wow fun that Casey and Scioli cum Kirby were dopely dolein out. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder, cause after a couple month hiatus, this new issue had me all cosmic tingly. Yay! Think it mostly had to do with the more way out cosmic bent of this issue, but this is a fun series, especially when it goes all out in the cosmic department, and I'm glad it's back!
(This review is clearly sponsored by the word COSMIC - Coz-mick)

Pick of the week 10/25 goes to you Godland, enjoy, I did ;)

So there you have it, that was last week in comics for me.

How about you, what was your favorite pick of the week???


HCNoel said...

I too picked up the Godland (ended up buying both covers because when I got the first copy the only one left was the varient and I really needed the original cover so after searching I did!). The Civil War is driving me crazy...Iron Man's one of my all time favorite characters...why is he such a bastard now, and how will this be reversed in time for his movie ( you know they have to make him likeable again!)

Jason Martin said...


Yo bro!
Glad you're diggin on the Godland too... I actually got the variant cover, but found the regular pic online :)

Iron Man, yeah, he's an ass in CW hunh?
I suspect the upcoming series by Adam Warren WILL KICK ALL KINDS OF ASS! drool
Meanwhile the movie is shaping up to be really good...

HCNoel said...

I hope the movie's going to be good, effects need to be top notch. Ghost Rider is scaring me a bit:) What's up with CW? Is this all going to be dream? At least Reed Richards is back to being a dick. Cloning man doesn't care anymore. What did you think of that Joe Mad cover with Thor and Hulk at newsarama...was that for the Whatchamacallit Reporn thing or for the Ultimates book.

Jason Martin said...

That Joe Mad cover was awesome, I can't wait for Ultimates 3 (and 4 with Ed McGuiness)!!
That cover was a variant for one of the Reborn books though...