Thursday, November 30, 2006


Okay, another late week... so it's again past time for my COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK, a weekly rundown of new comics, where I pick the best of the bunch. Then everyone is invited to join in and post their favorites for the week in the comments!

My shop missed quite a few books on 11/22 (a multi shop mix up, they're a local chain), so I didn't get a couple books til yesterday, and my copy of Godland is still MIA (and it was a pick of the week last time)...

Each week, I should mention, quite a few books go unread, mostly stuff I like to read in chunks, or things I missed an issue on, or am behind on. Books like Noble Causes, Snakewoman, Street Fighter II, Uncle Sam, and Ultimate Spider-Man this week.

Lots of Image books this week too...
DRAIN #1 - I'd high hopes for this one, and it was just okay. The art was solid, but not as good as I thought, and the story/concept was pretty weak. Not bad (but the Finch cover I got was, I like his stuff, but not this cover)...
PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND #1 - Another solid issue, both in story and art. Still not on the level of Spears' Teenagers From Mars, but really good. TFM though still an ode to punk lifestyle, like POCI, had more story and heart, at least so far. Great getaway scene though (multiple gears in reverse, what an idea)!
CASANOVA #6 - This continues to be one of my favorites. Smart stories built around real world event/ideas, and phenomenal art from Gabriel Ba!! Spy comics done perfectly!!
HEROES FOR HIRE #4 - I'm still riding this out because it continues threads from Daughters of the Dragon, a mini from earlier this year that I loved...
WONDER WOMAN #3 - Never been a Wonder Woman fan, but enjoyed Heinberg's Young Avengers, and Dodson's art is gorgeous (cept for the Hughes inspired man-faced women). This issue though, was a really fun read, and amazingly rendered! Almost made pick of the week!
DEAD @17 #2 - Read this a week ago, and know I liked it, but can't remember much now. It does however sport a Super Real ad, so you know you should pick it up! Josh's stuff is always great.


As soon as I heard about Planet Hulk, the Hulk thrown out to the stars and landing on a world where he's made to fight gladiator style, and that it was scripted by Greg Pak, I knew I'd want in on it. I signed up for it, but my shop missed the first part, issue 92, so I'd been stacking these up, waiting for that issue!

Well, last week they found me a copy of 92, so I read the first two 4 part storylines, Exile, and Anarchy.

In Exile (issues 92-95) the Hulk touches down and is thrown into combat, joins with a group of other combatants, and eventually squares off against the Silver Surfer. Awesome!

In Anarchy (issues 96-99) the Hulk's crew is on the run from the ruling cast on the planet and flirting with a full scale rebelion. Pretty cool.

So far, Planet Hulk lives up to the great high concept, with occasional missteps or scenes on the cheesey side, but overall solid plotting. The artwork here is also good overall. Pagulayan on the first arc, and Lopresti on the second. I prefer Pagulayan, as I've always found Lopresti's stuff capable, if a little stiff, but here he's improved and very similar in style to Pagulayan (whom I've never heard of before this). There are great moments of raw Hulk power, often in explosive splash pages, that are a blast to see. Hulk does seem a bit out of character at times, but I haven't followed him regularly, except for a brief time with Jones and Romita JR's run, for 20 plus years.

It's a fun storyline, and one I look forward to following (eventually leading up to World War Hulk or whatever, next year). Pick this up if you're a fan of the Hulk, or epic science fiction!

How about you, what's your pick this week???

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