Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Time again for the COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK, my weekly rundown of new comics, where I pick the best of the bunch. Then everyone is invited to join in and post their favorites for the week in the comments!

This was a pretty solid week...

Each week now I'm getting something from Wildstorm, as I've mentioned in the column, though I was a huge fan of the Wildstorm universe, the relaunch has just been good, not great. This week we had the Gen13 #2, which predictably followed the "Gail Simone Talent Caldwell new spin" on the classic story, to very lukewarm affect. Again, this may play better to someone not familiar to the original title, but as a fan of the original, it pales in comparison all around. Then we have Stormwatch #1, which was also prequeled in the Worldstorm special a few weeks back. The original run of Stormwatch took off about 10 years ago once Warren Ellis came on board and turned the franchise in a new direction, eventually spinning it into The Authority. After Ellis left, the series relaunched to great affect again, but was canceled mid run, and I've missed it ever since. This new version shows promise, and while it's a new direction again for the series, it builds on the previous volumes, while taking the concept and characters forward. Bonus points for that, and also, Mahnke is a GREAT artist. The first issue was a bit thick in setup/dialogue, but low on fun. So no picks here.

This week's X-book intake for me was Ultimate X-Men #76. Kirkman's run on the title has been lackluster, just as Vaughn before him. Both writers turning in low key, denim clad scripts that took a Saturday afternoon syndicated sci-fi/drama tv show vibe, playing well below the range of what comic book storytelling is capable of, and well below the quality the Ultimate line used to stand for. Part of that comes from the editorial missteps in the art department, and while the amazingly talented Ben Oliver returns on pencils here, his stuff is way too dry for the material. I can see the Marvel staffers thinking he's the next Bryan Hitch, and thus a great fit for the Ultimate line, and while he captures the skill of Hitch, his treatments just aren't bold or dynamic enough to reach that level. However, 2 issues into this 4 part Cable arc, this has been the best run from Kirkman yet on the title, and this issue was a lot of fun. It almost made the pick of the week...

Also in the stack this week was another good issue of Brian Vaughn's Doctor Strange: The Oath, issue 2 of 5. So far Vaughn is capturing the best of the sorcerer supreme in a tale that hasn't yet picked up a full head of steam, but the writing and artwork from Marcos Martin make it a joy.

This week also brought another great issue of Battlestar Galacticia, issue 3, from Dynamite Entertainment. So far their adaptations, with Greg Pak writing, and Nigel Raynor on art, have perfectly captured the spirit and voice of the phenomenal tv show, while operating in a limited framework between moments of in show continuity. This storyline has been full of fun moments and great ideas, but at times it's a bit hard to follow, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't already follow the show, as things would only be further compounded by not having a grasp on the characters and situations.

So what's the pick this week?

PICK OF THE WEEK: Rokkin #5 of 6

With the penultimate issue of the series, Rokkin has finally gone from good to really good. All of the characters introduced so far, the growing stash of acquired mystical artifacts, and overall arc of the story start to pay off. This was a great issue, filled with action galore (as always), creative fantasy, passion, and yes, even love. Looking forward to the big finale next month!

Check out this series if you haven't. Writer Andy Hartnell of Danger Girl fame has a penchant for 80's style sci-fi/action blockbuster storytelling, and artist Nick Bradshaw is incredibly talented, with awesome animation inspired visuals that are a sheer treat to take in.

So there you have it, another week, another pick.

How about you, what's your pick this week???


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Jason Berek-Lewis said...

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As for my pick of the week, I will say Captain America - Heroes Reborn. I haven't read it yet (I am buying it off Amazon) but I can't wait to see all that awesome Liefeld art!

Jason Martin said...

Whoops, didn't know you had to set that... thought it was active/automatic.

It's now active, so hopefully that will help.

Liefeld aye? :)