Friday, November 10, 2006

HEY DJ! - October catch up!

Haven't updated my new music playlist in a while, and have picked up some great stuff recently, so here we go...
(as always, just click the pics to explore discs further on

TV ON THE RADIO - Return to Cookie Mountain (rock/alternative/electronic)
Dense, deep, and challenging sound and lyrics. Unique and full of new moments to experience further with each listen.

BECK - The Information (rock/alternative)

Beck continues his return to form that started with last year's Guero, which sparkled with a new found creative energy (thanks in no small part to a return of Odelay producers, the awesome Dust Brothers). This time though, whereas Guero stood on the success of several stellar tracks, The Information shines from the overall quality of the entire set (and the production of Nigel Godrich - OK Computer).
Really fuckin good!

TEDDYBEARS - Soft Machine (electronic/rock/pop)

Another electronic group you know, but don't know it. Tracks from Soft Machine can be found in commercials and TV shows all across your subconscious... with Cobrastyle, an infectious party anthem, being the main culprit (currently featured in Fox TV's BONES promos) and standout of the disc. Teddybears create another great wrinkle in the soundscape tapestry of electronic music, blending in "Krautrock" and live instrumentation.
This one could appeal to a large cross section of listeners, good stuff!

BASEMENT JAXX - Crazy Itch Radio (electronic/pop/funk)

Each new disc from the Jaxx takes me the further in the opposite direction I'd like to see them go, but I still come back for more. Crazy Itch is probably my least favorite, but they're still a fun inventive electronic group unafraid of creating their own funked out sound.

GOLDFRAPP - We Are Glitter (electronic/dance)

This remix CD of their 2006 release Supernature features choice mixes from the band themselves. I'd hopes that the remix outing would give the Goldfrapp follow up I'd originally anticipated after the incredible Black Cherry, infusing Supernature with that extra oompf it was missing, but no such luck here either. The remixes are mostly extended dance versions, with a few standout reworkings, but not the overall achievement I know they could bring.

JET - Shine On (rock)

I wasn't going to pick this up, but I did. I should've passed. I really like their previous release, Get Born, but the first couple tracks here are solid, and then the rest seemed very forgettable. Haven't had the desire to give it further listens...


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