Monday, November 06, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: Legion of Superheroes

I only ever tuned in to the first episode of Justice League, saw a handful of Teen Titans, and missed Justice League Unlimited altogether (but heard plenty of good things about it), I have however caught all of the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon! Probably because I always loved the concept of Legion, and was never a big DC guy, so the notion of all their big guns in JL doesn't amp me up, and the recent Teen Titans cartoon, good as it was, was still aimed at tweens. To me, sci-fi superheroes is about as cool as it gets, I love science fiction, and love super heroes, so concepts that blend the two are perfect. As much as I love the concept, I've never much gotten into the LOSH comics, as DC editorial tastes fly against my own (particularly on this title), I did follow and love the recent Abnett and Lanning run on the title along with the fantastic art of Oliver Coipel (and was sad to see them replaced by the very vanilla, but accomplished stylings of Waid and Kitson).

Here though, the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon continues the superb legacy of DC cartoon adaptations that started in the early 90's with Batman, and though I think the driving creative forces on this new series are different than most any preceding it (I'm not entirely sure), it fits nicely in both style and tone. Classic clean animation, solid storytelling, great characterization, and a familiar house style. Only this time, it's applied to some of the coolest characters in the DC universe, with Superboy (dubbed Superman here for legal purposes) in tow.

Aside from the solid writing and production that's a hallmark of modern DC/Warner Bros. animation, what really stands out in this series is the remarkably choreographed super powered action and fisticuffs. The latest episode, featuring the evil Superman, Drax, highlights the phenomenal combat sequences that truly make the new LOSH a joy to watch for any fan of super powered action. The creators flesh the Legion members and their abilities out, and weave complex, smart, confrontations that show the real scope and impact these super abilities would afford. Coupled with the fantastic character designs and fun concept, it's really a treat to watch!

Check out this series if you haven't, it's good fun.

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