Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Doin this comic book thing just got a hell of a lot more fun!
I've published my own book, and with the upcoming (and uber super) special issue, I'll have had my first collaborative work published. It's one thing to write an draw and then pester a printer and distributor into doin up your books, that's awesome, but it's quite another thing to write a script, and have a different artist bring it to life for you.
With the Super Real special, that's exactly what I got to do, and it just seems to have come together so well. I was fortunate enough to come up with a roster of crazy talented artist doods, and also fortunate enough through, well fate to put it simply, to wind up also working with one all-star pro artist! Hey, I'm not saying the other 3 guys working on this special aren't just as talented, but what I am saying, that as cool as it was to work with them, and they did some awesome fucking pages, it's another level of cool to have an artist you've been a fan of, for like ever, to draw up your crazy comic concoctions.
Jim Mahfood.
Jim MotherF'n-Food!
I've dug his stuff since way back, and he's drawing pages for me!
Okay, geek moment over. (Thanks for indulging me :)

Reason I'm geeking on some 'Food?
Well, I got my first look at his pages for the special.
I'm on cloud nine.
Really, they're awesome.
He brings such a unique vibe, and it's so cool to collab, with him, and these others, and write stories that not only spin Super Real in the direction I want it to go, but to cater them for each unique artist.
For Jim, he brings the funk, so I did the goofiest of the five stories in the special, and sat back and waited.
I keep saying this, but let me say it again, this special is all kinds of fun. All kinds of cool. If this mother fucker doesn't turn some heads, well, I'll be bummed... I'm easy going.
But hey, I don't think I'll be bummed. I think everyone else will be just as stoked (okay, check that, no one can be as stoked as me, I know, but you know what I mean).

So, once again, stay tuned on this special issue, it's gonna be a good one!

Super Real Special #1: Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry
29 pages, 5 stories, 5 artists, black and white graphic goodness, $3.50 and out in comic shops worldwide February 2007 (the future you dig)!!

Watch the upcoming December Previews Catalog, dropping in shops 11/22 for the preorder lowdown. Sign up. Tell a friend.
Hype this shit!



Javier Hernandez said...

That's awesome your catching that wave, Jason!

SUPER REAL is your baby, and I can see the joy you're having in working with other artists on these stories. Especially with one whose work you've admired for some years.

You're like a kid at Christmas! And you're guiding your career on your terms, that's the way to go, man!


Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Can't wait for this, I hope it hits in early February, just in time for my birthday! :D

Congratulations on getting to work with some of the creators you look up to!