Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Okay, officially announced today is the all new third cover for the Super Real Special #1 - SUPER REAL VS The Comic Book Industry, an exclusive from Josh Howard (Dead@17, Lost Books of Eve) that's limited to 500 copies.

When I was finalizing a line up of guest artist contributors for the special, I wanted to get one established/name artist to do a featured spot. So I put out some feelers to the guys I knew and was a fan of, just like with the variant covers, I wanted someone that not only inspired me as an artist and fan, but fit the style of the book. So, Josh was one of those guys, having already done the fabulous cover to the debut issue. His schedule being what it was (the guy is a mad man, he's launched 2 books, has an OGN coming from DC/Minx, and is putting together a giant OGN anthology) he said he'd like to do a pinup instead. So, I graciously obliged, but told him, I'd probably have a hard time not using it for a cover.

The story goes, as you know, I wound up with Jim Mahfood as the featured artist, and that turned out amazing (can't wait till you see his pages with Warren aka The Tool, aka participant 4). Then, again with his schedule bursting, Josh delivered his pinup just at the deadline, right before going to press on the book, but as suspected, the pinup was amazing. Even though it was very pinup in nature, as I've said before, his lines and sytle just pop and make great covers, so I decided to set it up as a new, unplanned, third cover.

After talking with my new, and quite awesome, Diamond rep, we settled on making it an "exclusive - limited to 500 copies edition", and having it be orderable as a seperate item via Diamond, at the regular cover price. "Allocations may occur" and all that. Hopefully this drives more traffic to the book, because with all the kick butt contributions from the cool lineup of creators, it's quite deserving! Not to mention that I happen to think that it's the most fun issue yet, and also a great jumping on point for new readers!!

So, get your order in if you want a copy! :D
Diamond Order Codes:
Josh Howard cover: DEC068112
Regular covers: DEC063864

Here's the spiffy ad with any additional info you might needOr hop on over to the website HERE and check out issue info, or previews, which are newly updated with more pages from the special!


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