Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SUPER REAL NOTES - Tales of the Sasquatch 2

UPDATED 2/15 - With link to preview pages!
Well, even though I finished my pages for JOSH HOWARD PRESENTS SASQUATCH last week, it's official today as they were delivered to the fine folks at Viper.

This will be my first published work outside of Super Real, and it's a project I'm excited to be involved with, especially as I see more and more pages from others on the book. To top that off, I've stolen a look at some of Josh's pages for the book, and I think they're some of his best work yet!

You can catch previews and info for the project at it's website HERE

You can order the book now, and it's due in shops around April. I'm not sure about showing any artwork from my section, but I'll go ahead and share this piece that features the "Yeti" from my section... Things aren't quite what they appear here, or in my story either, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

(Check the Sasquatch link below for more details on this project and my involvement)

UPDATE: Viper has now put a preview of the first 4 pages of my section up on the Sasquatch site HERE


Javier Hernandez said...

All Right! I been waiting for some Yeti, this is very cool looking Jason! Some creative cartooning from Mr. Martin... So, this is colored from the pencil drawing, no? Or is it drawn on the computer? Gimme a little lesson here, please?!

Congrats, man, looking forward to this book very much.

Jason Martin said...

Yo bro,

Yes, cartoony...
it's pencils, with hand inked borders an sfx etc, with marker tones.
The marker tones don't scan too well, so I doctored it all up a bit in Photoshop with some novice painterly attempts and gradients.

The first couple pages aren't my faves, but things keep twistin story wise, so they're the spoiler safe pages.

Meant ta get ya a preview, but never got around to scannin these or uploading them til lately...

Any way, thanks for the words man.