Friday, July 25, 2008

SDCC 08 update 1 - Wednesday/Thursday

Here's a quick update from San Diego Comic-Con 2008...
wish you were here dear readers!

This first update is all the best booth stuff I could fit on my old pig of a digital camera.

First up we have the new Bond car with a cool ginormous Craig/Bond banner
Then we have a life size prop from the big upcoming Watchmen, that is so cool, the Nite Owl's ship... it even has a full interior too!And yes, if you're at the show, you too can win a Nerd Herd mobile (from Chuck, I love that show!)Apparantly the truly awesome Feast, the recent Project Greenlight winning monster horror flick that's Tremors meets Tarantino, has a sequel coming (cool!) and this is one of the creatures!!!
Lost Boys are back all of a sudden 21 years later, and have this RV setup at the con... Probably Corey's Feldmen's home, just parked in the booth space...Lots of Transformers stuff at one of the toy booths (Hasbro?)... a cool giant logo, 8' stands of the cartoon Optimus and Bumblebee, and I think this last thing was from Transformers? Anyone?
Hasbro (again I think) also had some cook action figure displays, they had a big diorama featuring scenes from all 4 Indy films, this was the Raiders... and a cool Cloverfield display complete with NYC carnage and copters!Iron Man is also everywhere, here's a cool life size movie armor!! (wouldn't it be cool if you could wear it? just think of the lines for that, the Iron Man experience)... and also the mark 1 armor...He-Man fanatics rejoice... a life size bronze statue of the man of he, and life size Grayskull!!!As always, lots of cool Star Wars stuff... here's a life size AhsokaThat's all I could fit on the ol memory card, tune in tomorrow for more, and hopefully some friendly faces...

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