Monday, April 16, 2012


Got a few things in the pipeline... finally get back to finishing my massive Game of Thrones fan art (should be done this week!), then next up is an Aeon Flux commission (so awesome, as I LOVE Aeon and Peter Chung!!!!), and this little ditty - a rework of a fan art/commission I did a couple years back. Back when I did the original, Tim (Mr. Hack/Slash) Seeley said he'd like to run in it in the book, but alas never did (it was right around the time things got crazy for the book with the Reanimator lawsuit, subsequent self distribution, and Image reboot)... but ran into Tim at Emerald City Comicon and he still wanted to use it, sooo I gave it an update.
Hopefully she'll end up in the book sooner or later (I'll let you know).

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